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> 02/15/2004
You can easily modify this page by selecting the text and replacing it with your own content.

> 02/15/2004
You can easily modify this page by selecting the text and replacing it with your own content.

Before you start creating your website please read this page along with the Getting Started page. These pages will help you get started on the right track.

Adding and Editing New Pages
Open one of the existing pages in your editor, then “Save As” a new .html file. Then edit the content, remembering to change the Page Title. You may need an image editor to create graphic navigation buttons, using the included gif or Photoshop files.

How to replace the Flash Menu & Text
1. Open the flash_text.txt file in the web folder.
2. If you want to change the flash menu, please replace the menu text as follows:

menuname1=HOME to menuname1=YOUR OWN MENU
&menuname2=NEWS to menuname2=YOUR OWN MENU
&menuname3=CATALOGS to menuname3=YOUR OWN MENU
&menuname4=GETTING STARTED to menuname4=YOUR OWN MENU
&menuname5=NEW PAGE to menuname5=YOUR OWN MENU
3. If you want to change the flash description, replace the flash description text as follows:

&description1=Your description1 here! to &description1=Your own text!
&description2=Your description2 here! to &description1=Your own text!

4. Save them.

How to replace the flash images
1. Create your own images and save as the same file names
- images_intro.jpg, images_intro_top.jpg
- image_main1.jpg, image_main1_top.jpg
- image_main2.jpg, image_main2_top.jpg
- image_main3.jpg, image_main3_top.jpg
- image_main4.jpg, image_main4_top.jpg
2. Copy and paste the images into the images folder.

How to edit the flash menu link
1. Open the flash_link.js file in web folder.
2. Replace the current links to your own page links.

case 1:window.location="index.htm" ;break;
case 2:window.location="news.htm" ;break;
case 3:window.location="catalogs.htm" ;break;
case 4:window.location="gettingstarted.htm" ;break;
case 5:window.location="newpage.htm" ;break;
case 1:window.location="your_page_link1.htm" ;break;
case 2:window.location="your_page_link2.htm" ;break;
case 3:window.location="your_page_link3.htm" ;break;
case 4:window.location="your_page_link4.htm" ;break;
case 5:window.location="your_page_link5.htm" ;break;

3. Save.
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